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ESSKA, for the first time in its history has partnered with a charity organisation — Handicap International — for its 18th Congress in Glasgow. This non-profit organisation was established in 1982 in Thailand to assist refugees injured by landmines whilst fleeing Cambodia. The association works alongside people with disabilities as well as vulnerable populations, taking action and bearing witness in order to respond to their essential needs, improve their living conditions and promote respect for their dignity and fundamental rights.

One of the corner stones of Handicap International is to restore people’s mobility through rehabilitation and sports and to help people with disabilities regain their place in society by participating in sports. Restoring mobility through sports is one of ESSKA’s core principles and as such, these two organisations share important common goals albeit working at the two ends of the social spectrum.

ESSKA’s partnership with Handicap International within the framework of the Congress will highlight what the association does in terms of physical rehabilitation and social inclusion as well as help raise funds to support such projects.

This page will be regularly updated with news during the run-up to the Congress and Handicap International count on your generosity to support their important and valuable work.

Please start to discover what Handicap International does through the story of Nirmala. After losing her right leg following the earthquake which struck Nepal in April 2015, she underwent a long period of rehabilitation with the support of Handicap International physiotherapists. Today, she is walking again on her prosthetic leg and fixated on one goal: becoming an actress

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