MiCo – Milano Convention Centre
Piazzale Carlo Magno, 1
20149 Milano, Italy

The MiCo – Milano Convention Centre was launched in 2002 and doubled in size in 2005. The last extension (2011) places MiCo – Milano Convention Centre among the largest conference facilities in Europe and worldwide. Designed by Mario Bellini, it’s able to accommodate up to 18,000 people in 70 or so fully appointed conference rooms with permanent control booth.


Milan is the powerhouse of Italy: it produces 10% of the country’s GNP; 25% of domestic research, it is home to 10 universities and every year it attracts over 4 million tourists. The Romans called it “Mediolanum” due to its position at the centre of the main communication routes of the time. Today, it is still one of Europe’s most accessible and welcoming cities: 200 destinations linked by 364,000 flights a year, 380 hotels with over 21,000 guest rooms. An immense system that comprises not only manufacturing, but also services, culture, entertainment, art, cinema, television, NGOs, fashion, sport and research. Milan has ancient origins; it was the capital of the Western Roman Empire and boasts a unique, world-famous artistic heritage, of which the best known is Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper. Today the international centre of fashion and design, and a shopper’s paradise, Milan is a vibrant, trendy city, brimming with things to do and with a constantly changing scenario of clubs, bars and restaurants. All this against a truly enviable backdrop, Lombardy: dotted with charming cities of art, it is the region with the greatest expanse of natural parks and magnificent lakes – such as Lake Como – surrounded by mountains that attract numerous hikers and skiers. Without forgetting the rich flavours of Lombardy’s internationally renowned foods and wines. All this just over two hours from Venice, Florence and Genoa.


Milan is situated in the centre of Europe and it is one of Europe’s most accessible cities: every day 800 direct flights link Milan with 200 destinations all over the world.

Malpensa airport is Southern Europe’s major intercontinental hub and it is well linked to the city centre by means of the Malpensa Express train. Milan is served by two other international airports: Linate, just 7 km from the Duomo, and Orio al Serio, from which all Europe’s low cost airlines operate. As soon as you get to Milan, you appreciate just how compact it is, with everything within easy reach. And if you want to move from one side of the city to the other, the convenient Metro network will take you there for just 1,50 euro!