Radiology Session

For the first time in ESSKA history a radiology led imaging workshop will take place in Milan at ESSKA 2020 congress. This reflects the trend of a more multidisciplinary approach in orthopaedics. Interpretation of imaging is the daily business of every orthopaedic surgeon and it is key for optimal diagnostics in each patient. An optimal team approach and collaboration with the radiologists adds to an improved diagnostics and better understanding of musculoskelettal pathologies.


The best radiologists and renown experts in the field of musculoskelettal radiology will give a thorough overview about latest developments in MR imaging of different pathologies of the knee, shoulder, hip and ankle. This 6 hours course will take place in collaboration with the Swiss Society of Skeletal Radiology, European Society of Radiology (ESSR) and DGMSR (German Society). It targets both radiologists, orthopaedic surgeons, sports medicine specialists and physiotherapists.