Kristian Samuelsson

Professor Kristian Samuelsson has an extensive clinical and research experience in the field of orthopaedics and sports medicine. Alongside his academic experiences, Dr. Samuelsson’s involvement in the technology sector has led to recent involvement in interdisciplinary projects spanning the healthcare, computer science, and medical industries. 

Dr. Samuelsson’s medical career began with residency training at Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg, Sweden, where he later continued as a trained specialist and chief physician in orthopaedics sports medicine. His practice consists mainly of complex knee surgeries.  

In 2019, Dr. Samuelsson was appointed as a professor in orthopaedic surgery. He has significant contributions to the field, with over 210 peer-reviewed publications, which have received over 5,000 citations. 

Aside from his academic achievements, Dr. Samuelsson founded the Sahlgrenska Sports Medicine Center, a home for over 30 dedicated researchers. As a mentor, he has guided numerous PhD and Master’s candidates in orthopaedics and sports medicine. 

His research focuses broadly, particularly on sports-related musculoskeletal injuries and evidence-based treatments for soft-tissue knee injuries. He collaborates with international and national institutions like the University of Pittsburgh and Chalmers University of Technology. His collaborative research projects aim to explore the innovative use of braces, cutting-edge imaging technologies, and the implementation of artificial intelligence in surgical procedures.