Vicente Sanchis-Alfonso

Vicente Sanchis-Alfonso, MD, PhD is a prominent knee surgeon from Valencia, Spain. He is a member of the “International Patellofemoral Study Group”. Dr. Sanchis-Alfonso is highly respected for his contribution to the field of patellofemoral pathology. He has extensive research work on patellofemoral joint disorders in both anterior knee pain and patellar instability. He counts with over 100 publications, 81 chapters of books, and has been an editor of 9 books on knee surgery (3 in Spanish and 6 in English with Springer). In 2023, he published the third edition of the book “Anterior Knee Pain and Patellar Instability” with Springer. He has given over 250 lectures on knee surgery at major international and national conferences. Since 2016 he has had a special interest in finite element technology to optimize surgical treatment of lateral patellar instability. Currently, he is studying brain network functional connectivity changes in patients with anterior knee pain. But his main area of ​​interest in these moments focuses on torsional abnormalities of femur and tibia. He has gained extensive experience in performing derotational osteotomies. He has been fortunate to have Robert A. Teitge from Detroit, Michigan, USA as a mentor.


Dr. Sanchis-Alfonso is well-known internationally for his expertise in anterior knee pain. He is reviewer of KSSTA (Official Clinical Journal of ESSKA), “American Journal of Sports Medicine”, “The Journal of Knee Surgery”, “The Knee”, and others. As a referral orthopaedic surgeon for patellofemoral conditions, he has extensive experience in revision surgery of the patellofemoral joint. He also participates in Surgeon-to-Surgeon programs on patellofemoral surgery. Last but not least, Vicente Sanchis-Alfonso, MD, PhD, received the Patellofemoral Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award in 2017.