Gino Kerkhoffs (1972) is professor and head of the Department of Orthopedic Surgery of the Amsterdam University Medical Centers; chair of the Academic Center of Evidence based Sports medicine (ACES), co-chair of the Amsterdam Collaboration on Health and Safety in Sports (ACHSS), one of the 11 International Olympic Committee (IOC) Centers of Research Excellence for the Prevention of Injury and Promotion of Health in Athletes.

His clinical work focusses on sports injuries of the lower extremity and he has been honorary recognized as Team NL Preferred Physician for providing excellent orthopedic medical care to elite athletes by the Dutch National Olympic Committee. His main research topics are 1. Early detection, diagnosis and (surgical) treatment of ankle cartilage injuries 2. Early detection, diagnosis and (surgical) treatment of muscle injuries of the lower extremity 3. Mental health issues in (elite) athletes.

Through his research Kerkhoffs tries to help athletes to return to sport safely and quickly as well as prevent long term after career sequelae osteoarthritis and mental health problems.

Ankle - From Sprain to TOPIC: Top care for ankle cartilage injuries in sports

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