Charles Rivière is a French hip & knee reconstruction Surgeon, specialising in physiological implantation techniques (kinematic alignment).

He received his degree from the University of Bordeaux before pursuing a 3 year joint reconstruction fellowship in Europe and North America. Charles was appointed as a consultant in 2013. His PhD was undertaken at Aix-Marseille University, on the kinematic alignment technique. He is currently practicing between Bordeaux-Mérignac (Centre de l’Arthrose) and London. In addition, he holds the position of Honorary Senior Lecturer at Imperial College London, and contributes to research as part of the MSK-Lab team.

Charles was mentored by prestigious personalities, who instilled a sense for sophisticated ‘à la carte’ physiological arthroplasty: Pascal-André Vendittoli (Montréal, Canada), Justin Cobb (London, UK), Thierry Judet (Paris, Fr), Stephen Howell (Sacramento, USA), and Sarah Muirhead Allwood (London, UK). Thanks to this and his initial expertise in the kinematic alignment technique for TKA, Charles pioneered the kinematic alignment technique for hip arthroplasty in 2017, and rationalised that of UKA in 2019.

Charles is an active member of the French Hip and Knee Society (SFHG), as well as the European Hip (EHS) and Knee (EKS) Societies. His research is orientated towards the assessment and refinement of the kinematic alignment techniques. In collaboration with Professor Vendittoli, the two released a book on Personalized Hip and Knee Replacement in 2020, and launched the Personalized Arthroplasty Society (PAS), which aims to support, develop, teach, and promote sophisticated ‘à la carte’ physiological arthroplasty.

Over the last few years Charles has intensively published on kinematic alignment techniques. He has become a well-recognised key leader in this field, and spends time travelling worldwide to partake in congresses as a faculty member.

ESSKA Keynote Lecture - When and how to customise your total knee arthroplasty?

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