Eiji Itoi. Professor and Chair

Education: 1980 MD (Tohoku University), 1989 PhD (Tohoku University)

Research and Professional Experience: 1990 – 1991 Research Fellow, Mayo Clinic 1991 – 1993 Senior Research Fellow, Mayo Clinic 1997 – 1998 Visiting Scientist, Mayo Clinic 1994 – 2000 Lecturer, Akita University School of Medicine 2000 – 2001 Associate Professor, Akita University School of Medicine 2001 – 2006 Professor and Chair, Akita University School of Medicine 2006 – Present Professor and Chair, Tohoku University School of Medicine.

Awards and Honors: 1992 Neer Award for best research paper, ASES. 1994 First Traveling Fellow, Japan Shoulder Society/SECEC. 1996 Scientific Exhibit Award, Radiological Society of North America. 1997 AOA International Traveling Fellow, 2/12-3/21, 1997. 2003 Neer Award for best clinical paper, ASES. 2005 Richard B. Caspari Award, 5th Biennial Congress, ISAKOS 2005 Honorary member, KSES (Korean Shoulder and Elbow Society) 2007 Jacques Duparc Award, 8th Congress, EFORT 2007 Presidential Guest Lecturer, 25th Anniversary of ASES 2008 Presidential Guest Lecturer, 7th Congress of Brazilian Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons 2009 Jacques Duparc Award, 10th Congress, EFORT 2009 Best Poster Award, 22nd Congress, SECEC 2011 Presidential Guest Lesturer, 23rd Congress, SECEC 2014 June Feature Author, AJSM Author Spotlight 2014 International Honored Professor, Orthopaedic Summit 2014 2015 Presidential Guest Speaker, Annual Congress, French Society of Arthroscopy 2016 Kessel Lecturer, 13th International Congress of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery 2017 Saha Memorial Lecturer, 9th Academic Congress of Asian Shoulder and Elbow Association 2018 Honarary Member, SLARD (Latin American Society of Arthoroscopy, Knee, and Sport) 2019 Presidential Guest Speaker, 20th EFORT Congress, Lisbon, 2019 2019 Neer Honorary Lecturer, ASES 2019 Annual Meeting, New York, 2019 2019 Honorary member, French Society of Arthroscopy 2019 Most Downloaded Publication Award from Arthroscopy 2014 2019 Most Cited Publication Award from Arthroscopy 2014 CONGRESS PRESIDENT 2010 7th Biennial Congress of Asian-Pacific Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine, Okinawa 2010 2nd Annual Meeting, Japanese Orthopaedic Society for Knee, Arthroscopy, and Sports Medicine, Okinawa 2013 12th Triennenial Congress of International Shoulder and Elbow Surgery, Nagoya 2015 42nd Annual Meeting, Japan Shoulder Society, Sendai 2016 18th Annual Meeting, Japan Osteoporosis Society, Sendai 2017 90th Annual Meeting, Japanese Orthopaedic Association, Sendai.

Publications and Presentations: Books/Book Chapters: 133 Int’l Congress/Mtgs: 657 Review/Others: 295 Domestic Congress/Mtgs: 1572 Original Articles: 643 Forum/Lecture: 401 (As of Feb 15, 2020)

ESA Keynote Lecture - Bone loss in anterior shoulder instability

Keynote Lecture, Channel 1

Date and time: To be confirmed.