Dr. Miki Dalmau-Pastor is a Spanish anatomist working as Associate Professor at the University of Barcelona, Spain.

His dissection techniques and high-quality images were originally developed by Prof. Pau Golanó, recognized anatomist and awarded Most Dedicated Individual Member of ESSKA in 2014. Its educational background includes the degrees of Physiotherapy and Podiatry and a Master Degree in Foot Surgery, before specializing in Anatomy and completing his PhD Thesis entitled Clinical and Surgical Anatomy of the Foot and Ankle.

Dr. Dalmau’s main interest resides in the ankle and foot, where he has recently made important contributions related to the arthroscopic anatomy of the ankle joint, to the general anatomy of the lateral ankle ligaments, and a number of studies related to the safety of arthroscopic and minimally invasive procedures.

He has participated as Guest Editor in the recently published Ankle Theme of KSSTA together with Dr. Jordi Vega, Dr. Jon Karlsson and Dr. Gino Kerkhoffs, where he also contributed with a substantial number of papers. Besides its work at the University of Barcelona, he maintains collaborations with GRECMIP soon MIFAS (Groupe de Recherche et d’Etude en Chirurgie Mini-Invasive du Pied – Minimally Invasive Foot and Ankle Society) and the Imperial College London trough Dr. James Calder.

AFAS Keynote Lecture - How has the understanding of ankle anatomy influenced surgery over the last 20 years?

Keynote Lecture, Channel 1

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