Corporate Symposia​

Wednesday 8 May, 12:30 - 13:30

From Trials to Triumphs: Advanced Healing in your Rotator Cuff Practice

Chair: Emilio Calvo (Spain)


  • Miguel A. Ruiz Iban (Spain) : Case Study
  • Ali Narvani (UK) : Case Study
  • Martyn Snow (UK) : Case Study

Suture Technology Driving Innovation

Chair: Giuseppe Milano (Italy)


  • Giuseppe Milano (Italy) : Contemporary Cuff Repair Solutions
  • Johannes Barth (France) : Advantages of Knotless Tensionable Soft Anchor Fixation 
  • Abdulilah Hachem (Spain) : Metal Free Solution for Glenoid Bone Loss
  • Sebastian Siebenlist (Germany) : Knotless AC Joint Repair

Innovative Concepts in Knee Ligament Sugery

Chair: Pietro Randelli (Italy)


  • Tim Spalding (UK) : Versatility of the infinity System for ACL Reconstruction
  • Paolo Adravanti (Italy) : All suture MPFL reconstruction tips & tricks
  • Peter Verdonk (Belgium) : Individualizing the LET: Trushot the solution? 

Knee Continuum of care – from Arthroscopy to Arthroplasty Interactive case discussions


  • Matthieu Ollivier (France) : Case Study
  • Philipp Niemeyer (Germany) : Case Study
  • Nanne Kort (The Netherlands) : Case Study

Thursday 9 May, 12:30 - 13:30

Complex pathologies and solutions in knee joint preservation – A global discussion

Chair: Alan Getgood (Canada)


  • Rob LaPrade (United States) : Case Study
  • Sven Scheffler (Germany) : Case Study
  • Romain Seil (Luxembourg) : Case Study
  • Fabrizio Margheritini (Italy) : Case Study
  • Elizaveta Kon (Italy) : Case Study

Exploring the Evolution of Orthopedic Treatments: Harnessing the Power of Orthobiologics for Enhanced Patient Outcomes 

Chair: Moises Cohen (Brazil)


  • Joao Espregueira-Mendes (Portugal)
  • Oliver Tobolski (Germany)

Beyond the Suture 

Chair: Antonio Pelligrini (Italy)


  • Antonio Pelligrini (Italy) : Beyond the Suture

  • Massimo Berruto (Italy) : Contemporary views on treatment options in Orthopaedics 

  • Daniel Chaverri (Spain) : Technology in Action with Patient Cases



  • Pietro Randelli (Italy)

  • Claudio Zorzi (Italy)


  • Filippo Calanna (Italy) : Literature review on unicompartmental prosthesis revisions: main causes and mechanism of UKA failure 
  • Alberto Piavani (Italy) : The advantages of a modular knee arthroplasty revision 
  • Emanuele Caldarella (Italy) : Unicompartmental prosthesis revisions: how to face them. Complex case presentation and discussion: from UNI to CCK 
  • Federico De Meo (Italy) : Knee revisions with K-MOD REV and DYNAMIC CONGRUENCE insert 
  • Pietro Cavaliere (Italy) : Knee revisions with K-MOD REV and DYNAMIC CONGRUENCE insert 
  • Alfredo Aguirre (Spain) : Knee revisions with K-MOD REV CCK: how to face them 

  • Nicola Tartaglia (Italy) : Knee revisions with K-MOD REV CCK: early results 

Mastering Knee Joint Preservation

Chair: Philipp Niemeyer (Germany)


  • Edoardo Monaco (Italy) : ACL preservation combined with LEAP 
  • Marc Strauss (Norway) : QuadLink All-Inside ACL Reconstruction 
  • Johannes Holz (Germany) : Cartilage regeneration and subchondral remodeling 
  • Philipp Niemeyer (Germany) : Biologic augmented treatment of a chronic Meniscus bucket handle tear 

Approach to Osteochondral lesions 


  • Sukru Sarper Gursu (Turkey) : A Novel Scaffold for Osteochondral Lesions 

Graft Choice in ACL/PCL Reconstruction Hamstring vs Quadriceps Tendon 

Chair: Tobias Jung (Germany) 


  • Tobias Jung (Germany) : Advantages of Hamstrings in PCL reconstruction 

  • Jürgen Höher (Germany) : ACL Reconstruction using quad tendon with press fit fixation 

Friday 10 May, 13:10 - 14:10

Precision in Motion: Personalized Partial Knees with Robotics 


  • Federico D’Amario (Italy) : Grow your Lateral UKA practice with CORI + and JUK 
  • Jimmy Chow (United States) : Growing UKA practice vs TKA – shift the indication mix 
  • Stefano Campi (Italy) : Precision in Motion: Personalized Partial knees with Robotics 

SkyWalker® robotic platform: continuing the Evolution of medial-pivot 

Chair: Pietro Randelli (Italy)


  • Anton Illsley (United Kingdom) : Skywalker® surgical robot: Product Features 
  • Pieter Vansintjan (Belgium) : Image based robotic system: my choice and early experience Vansintjan 
  • Pier Francesco Indelli (Italy, United States) : Robotics & Evidence based medicine 


Chair: TBC


  • Laura de Girolamo (Italy) : Lipogems: pre-clinical and clinical evidence in the treatment of osteoarthritis, how and why does it work? 

  • Claudio Zorzi (Italy) : My Best Cases 
  • Adrian Wilson (United Kingdom) : Clinical outcomes of Lipogems Micro-fragmented Adipose Tissue Treatments & The RC Registry 
  • Elizaveta Kon (Italy) : Intra-articular injection of autologous micro-fragmented adipose tissue for mild to moderate patellofemoral osteoarthritis 

Mastering Hip Joint Preservation 

Chairs: Mathieu Thaunat (France) 


  • Kristian Warholm (Norway) : Patient Positioning and Labral Repair using Knotless Suture Anchor 
  • Mathieu Thaunat (France) : Hip Labral Repair and Capsula Closure 

From standard to complex Knee osteotomy cases with or without PSI 

Chair: Raghbir Khakha (United Kingdom)


  • Claudio Zorzi (Italy) : HTO step by step : a study case with ACTIVMOTION S 
  • Claudio Zorzi (Italy) : DFO step by step : a study case with ACTIVMOTION S 
  • Raghbir Khakha (United Kingdom) : When should I do a Double Level osteotomy? 
  • Matthieu Ollivier (France) : What about slope correction? 
  • Matthieu Ollivier (France) : PSI, an effective and safe solution? 

Evidence and Innovation: Solutions to Regenerate Damaged Knee Structures  

Chair: Stefano Zaffagnini (Italy) 


  • Justus Gille (Germany) : From AMIC to arthroscopic AMIC to AMIC+ 
  • Rainer Siebold (Germany) : My experience and indications for Meniscus Wrapping with a collagen membrane