The ESSKA Scientific Chairs and Congress team are very grateful to the Scientific Committee and ESSKA abstract reviewers who evaluated the +1,900 submitted abstracts for the 19th ESSKA Congress.


The ESSKA Scientific team could not have prepared such a strong scientific programme without the thoughtful and careful scores and comments from all 118 abstract reviewers. We look forward to enjoying the fruits of your labours during the virtual Congress!

Abstract Reviewers

List of Abstract Reviewers

First Name

Last Name


Peter Angele Germany
Paolo Arrigoni Italy
Atesch Ateschrang Germany
Olufemi Ayeni Canada
Kristoffer Barfod Denmark
Johannes Barth France
Thomas Bauer France
Knut Beitzel Germany
Lars Blond Denmark
Berte Bǿe Norway
Nicolas Bonin France
Achilleas Boutsiadis Greece
Murat Bozkurt Turkey
Mike Carmont UK
Antonia Chen USA
Ricardo Compagnoni Italy
Laura de Girolamo Italy
Michael Dienst Germany
Giuseppe Filardo Italy
Magnus Forssblad Sweden
Sandro Fucentese Switzerland
Pablo Gelber Spain
Alli Gokeler Netherlands/ Germany
Enrique Gomez Barrena Spain
Daniel Guenther Germany
Andreas Halder Germany
Karen Hambly UK
Mirco Herbort Germany
Elmar Herbst Germany
Phillip Heuberer Austria
Pedro Hinarejos Gomez Spain
Yuichi Hoshino Japan
AndreasB. Imhoff Germany
Pier Indelli USA
Jón Karlsson Sweden
Oliver Kessler Switzerland
Vikas Khanduja UK
Christoph Kittl Austria
Markus Knupp Switzerland
Sebastian Kopf Germany
Werner Krutsch Germany
Ryosuke Kuroda Japan
Michael Liebensteiner Austria
Heinz Lohrer Germany
Umile Longo Italy
Angelina Lukaszenko Russia
Giulio Maria Marcheggiani Muccioli Italy
Robert G. Marx USA
Geert Meermans Netherlands
Gilbert Moatshe Norway
Stefan Mogos Romania
Caroline Mouton Luxembourg
Volker Musahl USA
Stefan Nehrer Austria
Francesco Oliva Italy
Chris Pearce UK
Nicolas Pujol France
Pietro S. Randelli Italy
Mario Ronga Italy
Claudio Rosso Switzerland
Gonzalo Samitier Spain
Sven Scheffler Germany
Ninni Sernert Sweden
Elvire Servien France
Jess Snedeker Switzerland
Tim Spalding UK
Pietro Spennacchio Italy/ Luxemburg
Johanna Stephen UK
Andras Tallay Hungary
Reha Tandogan Turkey
Carsten Tibesku Germany
Thomas Tischer Germany
Phillipe Tscholl Switzerland
Michel van den Bekerom Netherlands
Peter Verdonk Belgium
Jan Verhaar Netherlands